AM-TIE is the Marbella International and Spanish Tennis Association.

AM-TIE was created since in recent years in Andalusia, on the Costa del Sol, and specifically in Marbella, tennis has grown at all levels in all categories including mini tennis, children under 11, children under 13, children under 15, amateur and pro.

AM-TIE wants to give the opportunity to all the players from all the aforementioned categories to play one monthly tournament and score for the AM-TIE ranking.

This ranking will allow you to play the Masters in December. You must finish the year within the top 8 of your category.

Our team

Virgilio Morlan Luna


AM- TIE (Marbella International and Spanish Tennis Association)
and Head of Amateur tennis at Royal Tennis Club Marbella



Head of Mini Tennis tournaments

Pablo Martin

Assistant coach

Assistant coach for adult groups at Royal Tennis Club Marbella and collaborator for all events organized by AM-TIE.

Frederick Morlaix

Physical trainer

Helps players maintain in optimal physical and technical condition to avoid injuries when practicing tennis

Filippo Gioiello

Mental tennis coach

Our Mental Tennis Coach will be in charge of working and improving your mind when playing tennis (doubts, fear, insecurity, concentration, attitude) among many other key aspects of the sport.

Luka Tanel

Head Coach

Our Head Coach at Royal Tennis Club Marbella and Head of all things tennis, Director of the Luka Academy and collaborator with the tournaments set up by AM-TIE.