Paddle Lessons

AM-TIE offers paddle lessons for all ages from children to adult classes. Classes are taught at the Royal Tennis Club.

Private classes Children / Adults

Group lessons The trainings will be 1 hour and 30 minutes in groups of 4 players a minimum of 3 opens the group

Game classes Actual situation of a match.


AM-TIE offers players the opportunity to take part in paddle tennis tournaments to be held at Royal Tennis Club Marbella, in the following categories:


Paddle tournament categories

Adults and children

Men’s doubles / Mixed doubles / Women’s doubles / Children’s doubles

Mix inn 2-hour matches will be played exchanging pairs. Maximum 8 players Sundays from 11:00am to 1:00pm.

Interclub There will be at least 4 different participating paddle tennis clubs. Each team will be formed by 6 pairs. Matches will be: 2 men’s doubles / 2 mixed doubles / 2 women’s doubles and will be played home and away. There will also be a treat after the matches to exchange views and enjoy a good time.