Tennis lessons

AM-TIE offers tennis lessons for all ages, from mini-tennis to adult lessons. Lessons are taught at the Royal Tennis Club.

AM-TIE is based on three fundamental values: Work, Respect and Companionship.


Tennis training for adults are available in group lessons of 1.5 hours in groups of a maximum of 4 players with similar levels, innovative, technical and practical training with a good workout pace.


MINI Tenis

Mini tennis lessons are a kid’s first point of contact with the racket and the ball. They are very fun and productive, but always revolving around tennis.



Children from 8 to 16 years old are trained on highly dynamic and fun court work, with or without a racket, ensuring the best technique possible and the child’s motivation.



Competition training will be 2 hours a day from Monday to Friday on court.



Half or Full time / Physical training / Sport Psychology for Tennis

Louise Brunskog is one of our WTA players


«It’s the mental strength, the one that distinguishes the champions of the almost champions …»

Rafael Nadal


Those who play tennis know very well that the mind in this sport is a key factor to perform better during the game. If your mind becomes your worst enemy during play, your tennis will end up being a victim of it and, obviously, you will not be able to get that far in a tournament. If, on the other hand, you know how to use your mind as an ally, it will become a powerful resource that will take you to a higher level of tennis, which means you will surely have many more chances to win more matches!

At AM-TIE we have a specialized team in mental coaching to provide tennis players with a series of tools and techniques that, if put into constant practice, will transform your head into a powerful resource to play better, take advantage of all your potential and ultimately increase your performance in the moment of truth, that is, when you are playing the crucial points in a tournament match.